Lesson#1 – What is WHM and How to use it ?

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WHM (Web Host Manager) is the place where you will be creating cpanel accounts for your customers. Cpanel is the place where your customers can manage various aspects of their websites.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a Cpanel account in WHM.

You can log into your WHM via http://www.yourdomain.com/whm (replace yourdomain.com with your exact domain name). The username/password is already sent to you in the welcome email.

Once logged in, the first thing you should do is create packages. On the left hand side look for “Packages”. You will see


Add a Package
Delete a Package
Edit a Package
Feature Manager

Don’t bother about [Feature Manger], simply click [Add a Package]

Most of the customers will want an UNLIMITED package, so simply put “unlimited” in all the fields over there. Let the package name be unlimited, let all fields under resources be unlimited. Don’t alter anything under settings. Simply click “Add”.

Congrats! you just created an UNLIMITED package.

Now, regarding how to create a CPANEL account.

Lets suppose that tomorrow you start advertising your Hosting Business Site and a customer “XYZ” pays you $5 month for the unlimited hosting account. After the customer pays you, simply send them below email

Hello and Welcome,

It’s great to see that you purchased the unlimited hosting account. We guarantee that you will like our service. Now, please provide us the domain name that you would like us to host for you. If you don’t have any domain, then simply purchase/register any desired domain name via http://www.underpriceddomain.com and let us know. We will then set up everything and we will inform you back within few hours.

Cordially yours

Suppose the customer gives you the domain name “EmailRampage.com”

Here is what you have to do to create his CPANEL account.

Log into your WHM,  click “Create a New Account” present under “Account Functions”.

Step 1 – Put the customer’s domain in “Domain:” Don’t type http://www.  Only type the domain name. say EmailRampage.com

Step 2 – Username: will get auto created, so don’t type anything there.

Step 3 – Type any password over there or simply use password generator.

Step 4 – Type the email address of the customer in the Email: field.

Step 5 – Choose the unlimited package from the drop down.

Step 6 – Ignore any other settings and simply click “CREATE”

The CPANEL account gets created. That’s all. Just 30 second work.

Now send the below email to your customer.

Dear customer,

Your CPANEL account is set up.

Cpanel – http://www.customerdomain.com/cpanel

username – “type the username here which was auto-created when you typed the domain”

password – “type the password you wrote”


server – ftp.customerdomain.com

username – “type the username here which was auto-created when you typed the domain”

password – “type the password you wrote”

Cordially yours

Your company website link

Your contact email

That’s it. This was how to create CPANEL accounts for customers. You can ignore everything else in WHM. If you are comfortable to do above, then that’s enough. You can manage and grow your business like wildfire.

Marketuing Tip #1

Put a signature at the bottom in all the emails you send to friend, contacts, etc. like below



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