Welcome to Your Worldwide Online Hosting Business.

Welcome to Your Worldwide Online Hosting Business..


Congratulations for starting your Worldwide Online Hosting Business.
Finally, you have a business that you can call your own.

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, you name it,
all of these HUGE companies are already involved in this business
for many years and they are making so much money out there
month after month that neither we nor you can even imagine.

Let us help you to get started.

You have subscribed for $64/year UNLIMITED CPANEL-WHM RESELLER account

By now you should have received
the username/password to log into
your WHM account.


you should have received your reseller website
with your paypal email address on it.

If you have not received the above by now,
contact us by sending an email
to underpricedhost@gmail.com
and we will solve this for you right away.

We will send you lessons each day
regarding how to start using WHM
and then how to start promoting
your all new hosting business.

Cordially yours

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