Marketing Lesson #2 – Advertise on your car ..

Welcome to Your Worldwide Online Hosting Business.

You must be a very proud owner.

Today, we will discuss a simple and unique way of advertising your hosting site. You may have never thought of this, so check it out!

Lets suppose that your RESELLER hosting site is “”

Tomorrow morning, immediately after you finish your tea,  go to you nearest car showroom and ask them to create a sticker label of “” and affix it to the bumper or rear glass of your car.  You may also ask him to put it on the right and left side of your car.

They will charge you max $2-$5 and it takes just 30 minutes.

So, by doing that, you will make your RESELLER hosting site popular and visible in your city and you will get many sales each day.

Let us know what car you are having and let us know when you will do this. We indeed want you to succeed in your hosting business that you have purchased from us.

Also, once you have accomplished the above, please take a photograph of your car with the label and paste it here in the comment section,  so that other RESELLERS may also become confident enough to do so, as well.

Once again, let us know in the below comments area, what car you are having and let us know when you put the label of your RESELLER hosting site on it….

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