If you don't keep a CONTACT US FORM, on your site, then its better you don't run your site.



1 Built in pure AJAX.

2 All fields are properly validated. Errors if any are displayed in AJAX. No more measly pop up errors.

3 Simply Simple, Modern looking, Nice Form which will please the eyes.

4 Simple to implement. Simply upload to your website. Nothing to configure.

5 The questions asked by the visitors via the form will directly reach you by email. The visitors will also get an acknowledgement email with the questions they asked.

6 No non sense CAPTCHA to be filled up. Inbuilt Security.

7 The email addresses of visitors who fills the form will get stored in a plain text file which you can download via FTP.




What all you get ?

1 Instant one click download after payment.

2 Script (with php source code) which you can directly upload on to your website and can start using it within minutes.

3 Simple Installation Manual.


Who all are using ?

1 UnderPricedHost.com

2 DangerousMailer.com

3 MakeBulkCalls.com

4 TheFortune39.com

5 EmailRampage.com

2000+ Downloads since Jan 2012


Why to keep CONTACT US form ?

1 One of the most needed forms on websites today is the “contact us” email form. This is the best way that visitors can be in touch with you.

2 The contact form is typically the gateway to allow people to submit their information to you.  This is the gateway for the consumer to initiate a conversion with your company. You need to keep your contact form simple.

Keeping it simple will allow for minimal perceived risk to the end user.  Follow the KISS rule, (keep it simple stupid). Risk to the end user could be the time it takes to fill out a long form. They could also be questioning whether they are going to get a phone call or email as well as when they’ll get a response. If the user feels uncomfortable with these unknowns, that is a perceived risk.

If you do the opposite, and have a long contact form with each field required, the user will/can get worried that it would take too much time to fill out the contact form and not get anything in return, or not know exactly what they’re getting in return.  A good contact form will allow a user feel there is no risk in submitting their information.


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